TNAAP 2017 Legislative Activities

The 110th General Assembly of the State of Tennessee is very busy for TNAAP! We are monitoring over 250 bills related to pediatrics and child safety.  We had a record turnout at our 2017 Day on the Hill March 14, 2017 with nearly 50 pediatricians in attendance!. Some of the key efforts we are focused on include:

OPPOSE Patients for Fair Compensation Act: As it is currently being proposed, this bill would eliminate the current medical malpractice system and replace it with a state-run administrative patient compensation system. TNAAP representative are opposing this bill and have worked hard to ensure it didn't pass.

SUPPORT Payer Accountability/Provider Stability (Insurance Payer Reform): TNAAP was active in supporting the Provider Stability Act, which would limit payers’ ability to make policy changes during an existing contract term.

SUPPORT Payment Reform Initiative Technical Advisory Groups: This bill will help ensure the technical advisory groups continue in a fashion that is helpful to pediatricians.

SUPPORT Local Option for Healthier Communities in TN:  Provides communities the opportunity to pass smoke-free laws that are stronger than current state law.

Get Involved

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