What are Your Colleagues Saying?

Our practice requested coding expertise from TNAAP. TNAAP’s, coding expert extraordinaire, came one evening to our office with a power point presentation, a smile and readiness to answer questions. As six pediatric care providers peppered her with questions, she guided us through common mistakes in coding, teaching us that we undervalue our services to the delight of the insurers. As we worked to grasp new methods of documenting our care in order to better be paid for work we are ALREADY DOING, we built a better foundation for our practice.

Mary Keown, MD, Pediatric Associates, Nashville, TN

Being a Young Physician (YP) and general pediatrician in Tennessee, I quickly realized that many children and adolescents suffer with mental health disorders. We as general pediatricians are often the first line of defense, or the first place a family goes for assistance. However it is a tall order to try and address all health needs of a patient in the time-constrained office visits. The BEHIP training helped to de-mystify this process and gave us ways to efficiently screen and develop treatment plans for underlying mental health and behavior disorders.

Annie Glover, MD, Capstone Pediatrics, Nashville, TN

"The START training provided to me and my colleagues was thorough, informative, and helpful in my everyday practice. Developmental screenings are an essential part of my daily practice activities. This training assured that I would perform, score, and refer correctly after completing a screening."

Shontae Buffington, MD, Centennial Pediatrics, Nashville, TN

I enjoyed the Healthy Eating and Living Education training. I have been trying to implement similar tools in my office on my own without much success. The HEALED program showed how this information can be used efficiently and effectively in my daily practice.

Nicole Sheffield, MD, Sheffield Pediatrics, Memphis, TN

I had an eye opening experience with TNAAP at their Day on the Hill, where I was able to meet with various legislators and advocate for the support of several bills. I enjoyed getting involved and getting a glimpse behind the scenes in Nashville. I would have never had this opportunity without the benefit of working with the TNAAP.

Jason Yaun, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

You ROCK! Thanks to everyone involved with contacting the Controlled Substance Monitoring Database director. Without your efforts, those of us in the trenches would have been beating our heads against the wall trying to be compliant. The TNAAP is on a roll! It is so wonderful to have TNAAP help with navigation of the crazy profession of medicine.

Lori Baxter, MD, Cedar Creek Pediatrics, Maryville, TN