Payer Advocacy - Pediatric Council

TNAAP’s Pediatric Council works with payers to facilitate better working relationships with pediatricians and health insurance plans and to improve the quality of care for children. The Pediatric Council is comprised of pediatricians, TNAAP’s Executive Director, and TNAAP’s Coding Educator, who represent TNAAP members as a whole addressing important issues with payers.

Over the last several years, the Pediatric Council has had success in negotiating change in reimbursement policies, negotiating coverage for services, and stopping recovery audits that were inappropriate.

If you would like to participate in our Pediatric Council meetings or if your practice has concerns, suggestions or issues you would like the Pediatric Council to address, please let us know. Providing specific examples or scenarios is the most effective way for the Pediatric Council to address your concerns.

Please note: The Pediatric Council is not a forum for joint contract negotiation, individual contract discussion or other fee-related concerns.

To learn more about TNAAP’s Pediatric Council, please contact:

Suzanne Berman, Pediatric Council Chair

Janet Sutton, Pediatric Council Staff
Phone: (615) 447-3264