Tennessee Chapter of the AAP Endowment Fund

Established 2020

Creating a Legacy for Future Pediatricians

The TNAAP Endowment Fund will help fulfill TNAAP’s mission by supporting its long-term educational, advocacy and quality improvement programs. Contributions to the endowment also support the chapter over the long-term by increasing future annual distributions for tomorrow’s pediatricians. The fund was established by Stuart T. Weinberg, MD and is managed by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

Endowment Contributors as of April 15, 2023:

Ruth Allen✝

Deanna Bell, MD✝

Blake Bergeron, MD

Suzanne Berman, MD*✝

Becky Brumley✝

Hunter Butler, MD*

Miranda Butler, MD*

Barbara Dentz, MD*

Gayatri Jaishankar, MD✝

Elisha McCoy, MD✝

Anna Morad, MD*✝

Dorothy Sinard, MD*

Carlenda Smith, MD✝

Lindsey Wargo, MD✝

Stuart Weinberg, MD*✝

Toni Whitaker, MD

Jason Yaun, MD✝

* Major Donor - $1,000 or more
✝ Founding Donor in 2020

Annual Distributions:

 Each July the TNAAP Executive Committee is informed of the current year’s distribution amount from the Endowment Fund and is responsible for determining how to use those proceeds, which is announced at the Annual Meeting in the fall.

Distributions from previous years have been used as follows:

2023 $ 2,188 Sponsoring resident or early career physician to attend AAP’s 2023 National Conference and Exhibition. (Click here for application)

2022 $ 1,269 Provided a stipend to a resident to attend the AAP National Conference and Exhibition.

2021 $ 400 Funded a two-part (free) Media Training Opportunity for TNAAP Members during 2022

How to Contribute:

Individuals interested in supporting the TNAAP Endowment Fund can donate online using the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s donation form or TNAAP’s online donation form.