TNAAP currently hosts three ECHO projects, bringing together health professionals for peer-to-peer learning and advancement.

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an innovative telementoring program designed to create virtual communities of learners by bringing together healthcare providers and subject matter experts using videoconference technology, brief lecture presentations, and case-based learning, fostering an “all learn, all teach” approach. Participants are engaged in the bi-directional virtual knowledge network by sharing clinical challenges and learning from experts and peers.

Project ECHO has been recognized globally as a successful tool to improve patient care outcomes. Unlike telemedicine, this tele-mentoring model does not foster a health care provider and patient relationship. ECHO follows these four key principles:

      1. Subscribes to the disease management model of care that aims to improve quality, reduce variety, and standardize best practices.
      2. Fosters multidisciplinary partnerships that increase access to care and reduce health care costs.
      3. Engages health care providers to participate in case‐based learning under guided practice to provide specialized care to their own patients.
      4. Utilizes technology to promote face-to-face mentorship and sharing of knowledge and experience by experts and peers without the need for cost-intensive supervision, in-person trainings, and travel.

Current ECHO Projects

This image portrays Quality Improvement ECHO by TNAAP.
This image portrays Project Echo by TNAAP.
This image portrays Project Echo by TNAAP.