Immunization Program Overview

This image portrays Immunization Program Overview by TNAAP.
This image portrays Immunization Program Overview by TNAAP.

Immunization rates and preventive care for children declined substantially during the pandemic. To assure patients get caught up on essential services, practices need effective strategies to mitigate barriers such as:

  • identifying gaps in care
  • improving strategies to get patients into the office
  • increasing vaccine confidence of patients
  • increasing workflow efficiency

TNAAP has developed a multi-pronged approach to effectively address these challenges including:

  1. An ECHO learning collaborative for clinicians
  2. Staff training modules
  3. A QI project for the entire practice (offering MOC Part IV credit)
  4. Additional associated resources

To learn more about the Immunization Program, click the link below.

For additional information, contact Samantha Williams at

Immunization Program Contact

Samantha Williams, MPA
Immunization Program Manager

Dr. Catherine O. Wiggleton
Medical Director