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Membership Categories and Annual Dues

Fellow Member  ($185) – Pediatrician or pediatric specialist licensed and practicing in Tennessee. Members of the AAP as fellows, candidate member, specialty fellows or post-residency training fellow shall be considered a fellow of the TNAAP. Fellow members may serve on committees, vote and hold elective office.

Associate Member ($185) – A physician or pediatric dentist licensed and practicing in Tennessee who is also a member of the national AAP.

Chapter Affiliate Member ($185) – A pediatrician, pediatric specialist or pediatric dentist licensed and practicing in Tennessee who wishes to join the state chapter only and is not currently a member of the national AAP.

Allied Health Professional (PA, NP, etc.) ($95) – Any health professional, not stated in another category, who works in the field or specialty of pediatrics.

Professional Staff  ($95) – Practice managers or other office staff working in a pediatric field.

Senior Member ($40) – Pediatrician or pediatric specialist who has attained the age of 70 or are 65 or older and no longer derives income from professional activities.

Resident Member (free) – Residents enrolled in a pediatric residency training program. Resident members of the AAP shall be considered a Resident member of the TNAAP.

Medical Student Member (free) – Medical students enrolled in a medical school and indicated a career choice in pediatrics. 

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Click here to view our 2023 Annual Report to see all that we do to help pediatricians and their staff. Chapter dues directly support all of our advocacy efforts. We would love your support! Contact with any questions or assistance with joining.