Training Modules

This image portrays Immunization Program Overview by TNAAP.

WATCH: Keeping Your Cool: Training for Safe Vaccine Handling

Held December 15, 2022


WATCH: TENNIIS Reminder Recalls and Coverage Reports

Held January 19, 2023 Featuring Joseph Granato, Director, Program Effectiveness, Vaccine Preventable Disease Immunizations Program (VPDIP), Communicable and Environmental Diseases & Emergency Preparedness (CEDEP)


WATCH: ECHO Presentation on Declining Childhood Immunizations

Held January 26, 2023 Featuring Caitlyn Newhouse, MD, FAAP, Medical Director Vaccine-Preventable Diseases & Immunization Program Communicable and Environmental Diseases & Emergency Preparedness Tennessee Department of Health Catherine Wiggleton, MD, FAAP


WATCH: Improving Vaccine Confidence

Held February 16, 2023 Featuring Sean O’Leary, MD, MPH, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Colorado, and AAP Chair on the Section of the Red Book committee


WATCH: Social Media Strategies for Vaccine Communication

Held March 16, 2023 Featuring Beth Sundstrom, PhD Associate Professor, Director of the Women’s Health Research Team, College of Charleston


WATCH: Lessons Learned & Successes from Managers

Held April 20, 2023 

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Immunization Program Contact

Samantha Williams, MPA